Year-end Preparations!
As you make year-end preparations and engage in year-on-year analysis to set priorities, what a famous 1st century Jewish teacher said is worthy of your consideration. Jesus said: "when you see these things happening, know that the Kingdom of God is near." "Keep on, then, s...

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How to Manage Money.
Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your finances? A look at your bank statements and bills reveals that your money is slipping away like sand that slips through your fingers. Don’t wait until you’ve run out of money to think about your spending habits. Learn how to take contr...

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Is Money Your Master or Your Servant?
Pandemics, natural disasters, political turmoil, and armed conflicts can quickly disrupt the economy. How does the volatile nature of the world’s economy affect you? Do you suffer from money sickness syndrome? Reportedly, this condition afflicts a large perce...

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A Balanced View of Money.
Money enables us to buy certain things we need. But, do you know that the greatest satisfaction in life comes from things that money can’t buy? How do you view money? Has your view become distorted? A self-examination might alert you to the need to acquire a balanced vie...

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A Future You Can Count On!
Around the world, disturbing trends are causing fear of the future. The future looks very, very scary. Are our prospects as bleak as they appear to be? In theory, the political, commercial, and religious systems of the world should promote fair treatment and social jus...

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Pandemics - What the Future Holds.
Many health experts expect a significant new influenza outbreak every 11 years or so and a severe one approximately every 30 years. The longest interval between pandemics recorded with certainty is 39 years between the 1918 influenza pandemic and the 1957 influe...

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How to Deal With Isolation.
The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic introduced the world to social isolation. Will it bring out the best or worst in you? How can you deal with isolation and loneliness?

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ICB Licensed & AML Regulated Bookkeeper

                   Ethical Bookkeeping = (spirit + letter) of the law + substance over form.
Your day-to-day bookkeeping is processed, final accounts prepared and passed on to your accountant to review and submit your tax returns.

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